Hello everybody and welcome to my new homepage

My name is Nadja and I am mother of three children and three cats. I live in Belgium and I love the country life. My passion is baking, sewing, crocheting and making art with all kinds of natural things.

Simple – I like and love to work with my hands.

With this homepage I will try to keep you up to date with the most delicious baking recipes – confirmed by my family and friends.

I will show you examples of how I make practical things with my sewing machine from recycled material.
As I sometimes like to crochet, I will give you some crocheting instructions that I have tested myself. I love to recycle. So if we have things from the beach or wood, I try to make something out of it.
You can find information and news about sewing, crocheting and art in my menu item “crafts”.

I will also try to keep you updated with news on this page at least once a week, and I also try to keep my Facebook page up to date. This homepage a hobby page. For this reason I can’t promise to be online every day. If you have any ideas or maybe want to write me something, you can always contact me via the menu. I will try to answer your request within 48 hours.

My eldest daughter Tamina has asked me for a little “corner” of her own on my homepage, so that you can view her art simply by clicking on “Tamina’s corner”.

Until then I wish you all a lot of fun and maybe a little inspiration while browsing through my homepage.