Pasta Dough Recipe

Since the following recipe is not a baking recipe, yet I would like to share it with you, I will post it here. As we try to live environmentally conscious and healthy, we have decided to produce as much as possible ourselves. This includes pasta, of course. Here I give …

I am back

I am back again. Arrived safely in Belgium, I am slowly back to “normality” as far as possible with the Corona virus. Finally I can spend some time for you and my website again. First of all I want to apologize for my absence of the last weeks. I will …

We’re moving house!

Due to relocation, I’m afraid I can’t keep you up to date at the moment. As soon as the moving stress is over, I will get back to you.Until then I hope that you find some of my previous entries interesting and maybe inspiring.

Day 38 – Goodbye

Today was the day! Today we had to say goodbye to Missy. Around noon she was picked up by her new owner. It is a really nice young couple, which already had experiences with handicapped animals. I have a very good feeling and am very happy for Missy that she …

Day 32

Finally, some good news. My contact person at the ISPCA wrote me a message saying that she has found a loving family for Missy. Now we are waiting for the call of the new master or mistress to arrange a meeting or pick up date.

Day 28

Unfortunately there is not much news today. Missy still hasn’t found a home yet, but she’s starting to play with things now. She’s really starting to come out of her shell now.

Day 23

The person who wanted to adopt Missy unfortunately dropped out, because she wanted to have a kitten. Since we only have 3 weeks left to find a home for her, we are running out of time. Missy is such a friendly and lovely cat, I am sure we will find …