Build your own advent calendar

Every year we come up with an advent calendar for my parents. It should be self-made and different every year. We usually add photos of the family to have a lasting memory. This is a little tradition we started a few years ago.

Here I have an advent calendar craft idea for you:

You need:

  • nice pasta-sieve
  • 24 envelopes (matching the photo size)
  • Sewing yarn (in christmas colors)
  • Needle
  • Acrylic Color
  • A dishcloth
  • 24 small wooden clips (in christmas colors)
  • Numeric stickers with several identical numbers
  • A paper plate, or something you can spread your acrylic paint on
  • 24 wooden balls with a hole (or smaller fir cones)
  • Container with water to wash out the paint
  • Scissors
  • 24 photos
  • 2 thicker, longer christmas decoration ribbons

And here we go…
Distribute your acrylic paint on the provided plate. Moisten the dishcloth a little. Take your envelopes and paint or dab different patterns in different colors on the back of the envelopes if you want. Do not forget to always wash the cloth in water when changing colours. When everything is ready, put them aside to dry.

While the envelopes are drying, you can start with the head part of the advent calendar. Take the pasta sieve, turn it around and thread the decorative ribbons into opposite holes in the sieve so that the ribbon comes out of the sieve evenly distributed at four points. Knot the ribbons together at the upper end so that the sieve is in the balance and hang it on an exposed hook.

Then take the 24 wooden balls, sewing thread, needle and wooden clamps.Thread the thread with the needle into the wooden ball (I always changed between two colors) so that one side of the thread is pulled through the hole and the other side hangs down on the side of the ball. Be careful not to let the thread slip out and leave the needle on the thread. Next you have to pull the thread of the wooden ball through any hole of the sieve. Keep holding the threads pulled through the noodle sieve. Take one of the small wooden clamps and pierce the spiral of clamps with the needle. Pull one of the threads through there. When you have done this, knot the ends of the threads well together and let everything hang down. You should distribute the balls so that everything is evenly distributed on the screen.
Continue in this way in different lengths until all 24 balls and clamps hang on the sieve.

In the meantime the envelopes should be dry. Now take your sticker numbers and fill the envelopes with the numbers 1 to 24, put your photos in there and glue the envelope closed. Distribute the envelopes now arbitrarily and hanging in the middle of all brackets.

Ready is a unique and self-made Advent calendar, which will still awaken memories through the photos even in several years.

I wish you a lot of fun and joy while making it!