Crocheted Mobilé

When my youngest daughter was born, I had problems to get a mobilé suitable for her, which was not filled with any technical stuff. Once I found something I liked, it was simply not affordable for me. So I sat down and took my cut off branches of a cork oak. I placed thick and thin branches ready. Afterwards I picked out crocheting instructions for small leaves and butterflies from the internet and crocheted my own motives. After my crocheted motives were ready, I put my two thick branches together in such a way that they had a balance in the middle and then I connected both branches firmly with a nylon cord. I hung the resulting cross with a thread on a wall cupboard and started to fix the smaller branches with the nylon cord in different lengths at one end and the middle of the cross. Everything should be in balance, so that the thicker wooden cross hangs straight at the end. The finished crochet motives are now also hung up with the threads remaining on the motive on a smaller branch so that at the end when all motives (one leaf and one butterfly per branch) are hanging in balance. Once everything is in place, the mobilé can be hung up at will and in the right place.