Day 2 at home

Our little Missy is a real brave fighter. Despite a short attempt to escape through the toilet window (the window were locked, of course), she is very sweet and doesn’t cause any stress at all. Also at night there is no whining from her temporary shelter. Now the little girl has to stay in her little room for the next 10 days to recover well. Our doctor has given me painkillers, which I have to mix into her food every morning to prevent the pain from getting too strong. Of course Missy still finds it a bit difficult to go to the toilet, but she tries. I found out that our usual cat litter is not necessarily good for the cat in the current situation, because it is a very fine litter and unfortunately it sticks and Missy cannot clean herself at the moment. So I will try it with Zewa first and hope that she will accept it. Eating is no problem, she is always hungry and also the medicine that is put into the food in the morning is simply eaten.

day 2

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