Day 9…

Finally back home! The stupid stitches are out and the scratch protection is gone! After a short examination by the vet Missy was given back to me. Everything has healed very well and so far there were no problems. Nevertheless I should still keep an eye on the wound healing and possible inflammations. According to the doctor Missy is allowed to walk around normally again from today on. The medicine is also stopped from today on. Arrived at home the cat was first welcomed by my children and the other cats. I have decided to let her run around freely in the house, but I cannot yet bring myself to let her run in the garden.
Even though the doctor said it would be ok. My feeling simply tells me that she is not ready yet. Well… hardly had the little lady a little more freedom than she used the first inattentive second and escaped from the garden door. Luckily we were able to catch her right away. After this short trip the little lady was also completely finished and slept the rest of the day. So from now on we have to take care that this does not happen again.

Also my contact person at the ISPCA told me that the cat should stay in the house for at least 3 weeks to guarantee a good wound healing.

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