First night after the surgery…

…after Missy was operated and sterilized on 13.05.2020 around noon and the operation went well, she had to stay one more night at the vet for observation. In the meantime I contacted the local ISPCA (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and reported the case. Since I am not sure yet whether we will adopt the cat, I have offered myself as a foster home for the time being. Together with my contact person we agreed, that we make sure, that the cat will be healthy again before we decide further.
To make sure that Missy has a comfortable place to stay. I had to convert our guest toilet into a temporary cat room. With such a big wound and operation the cat is not allowed to move that much and has to be happy with a small room. I laid out a middle paper box with an old pillow and luckily I had an older small cat toilet without lid in a corner. In the evening of the 14th of may everything was prepared and I could pick up the little fighter from the vet. Luckily Missy is a very friendly and grateful cat and hasn’t made any trouble until now. Still completely exhausted from the long operation I gave her something to eat at home and a lot of rest and sleep in her small temporary shelter.

1st night at home after the operation

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