Homemade Wall Stickers

You can easily and cheaply make your own wall stickers. All you need is thicker paper, pencil and eraser, a good pair of scissors, paint (brush or pencil), a thin black pencil for fine drawing, maybe some biscuit cutters, a glue stick and a motive of your choice.

Once you have found the motive of your choice, first draw it on the paper with the pencil. If you are satisfied with your result, colour it on after you have finished.

I chose the sandman motive because I wanted to hang something over my daughter’s bed.

Once everything is coloured, trace the pencil lines with the black pencil again and then cut out the motive very precisely.

If you want to add smaller motives, like the stars and shooting stars I have chosen, you can make it easier by using biscuit cutters. Just draw along the outside of the form and continue as with the main motive (paint, draw the edges black, cut out).

When everything is ready, just put some glue on the back of the paper and on the wall.

And now we have a unique and self-made wall motive finished!