Missy’s story

May I introduce, this is Missy, one of the stray cats of our neighbour, who does not care about his cats. Missy is the sister of our cat Blacky, whom we adopted in summer 2019. Of course Blacky was also a stray cat from the neighbour’s garden. Since we already had two cats at that time, we were able to adopt only one cat. Since Blacky was the cat that built up the most trust in us, we decided to adopt him. His sister was until then always the one who ran away very quickly as soon as she was approached.

Missy’s brother Blacky

As it went towards autumn we noticed that Missy sat more and more in front of our window and wanted to get in. Also we noticed, taht she was always picking the food of the other cats when we left the door to the garden open. So it happened that the little one became more and more courageous and at some point she went through our kitchen to get the cat food. Also Missy always came over as soon as she hears the children playing in the garden. She also often sat down on the window sill and had little naps.

In the middle of May 2020 my son told me that Missy is lying at our back door with a big wound at her leg. At first I didn’t think much about it, because it happens more often that stray cats have wounds. But when I carefully looked through the window of the door I got a real shock. The poor animal lay on our doormat with a hind leg removed from its fur and skin. Despite strict Covid19 rules here in Ireland I did not hesitate for long and called our vet immediately to prepare him for me to come over with an emergency.
After I put all the kids in the car (luckily the cat was easy to get into the transport box), I took the fastest route to the vet. When I arrived there, the cat was examined immediately. Waiting in the car we were told after about 10 minutes that we had two possibilities with the animal. The first would have been to put her down and the second the amputation. After a short time of consideration I decided for the vet to go and amputate the cats leg, because it goes against my nature to simply kill an innocent animal if it can be saved.

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