Potato stamps

Is it a rainy day again and the children are bored? If you still have older potatoes that are no longer suitable for consumption, you can quickly create a few stamps for your children.

All you need are older not rotten big potatoes, a sharp knife, brush and brush paint, paper or fabric for printing and maybe cookie cutters to get a faster print motive.

Take a potato and cut it in half. Score your stamp motive with the knife or press a suitable cookie cutter into the potato. Once you have carved a motive into the potato, carefully cut the outer potato flesh about 1 cm out with the knife. If a cookie cutter has been used, cut out the outer potato flesh up to the edge of the cookie cutter, also about 1 cm, and then remove the cutter from the potato.

When all potato stamps are ready, you can start. The stamps can now be brushed and stamped with any colour. If a different colour is desired on the stamp, simply wipe the potato under water or with a wet cloth and dry it and you can continue.