Self-built raised bed

After we could no longer use an old wooden bed for children, we decided to use it to build a suitable raised bed for the cultivation of small vegetables.
The construction of the bed took about 4 hours in total. Since many boards were already sawn to a suitable size for us, this saved us a lot of time. All we had to do was to cut the big beams to the desired size. After everything was well screwed together and made loadable, we had to impregnate the raised bed. Since we live in Ireland and have cats, a wind and digging protection was inevitable. From the remaining pieces of wood and the foil as well as the old shelves of a greenhouse destroyed by the wind we then built a kind of “lid” for our raised bed.
After the raised bed was painted waterproof and dried, we sealed it from the inside again with the foil of an old Gazebo to protect it against rotting. In the middle we sawed in 3 to 4 approx 5 cm large holes for water drainage. We put small sieves over the holes, so that the earth does not slip through there.
After finishing these preparations we filled the raised bed with soil and then sowed peas, radishes, kohlrabi and dill and planted house raised salad as well.

Lets getting startet! The first step from a bed into a raised-bed.
The wood is now waterproof and only needs to dry.
This is what our raised bed looked like after four weeks…
…and so after about eight weeks.