Stone Painting

To paint stones is actually quite simple. Just pick out a few flat stones on the beach, in a quarry or on the lakeside. If you want, you can also get some stones from the hardware store. We always wash and dry the stones before we paint them, so that all dust or salt is washed off the stones.

For painting we usually use acrylic paint and brushes. But there are also extra pens in the craft shop with which you can paint the stones, or you can use watercolor – but here you have to spray the stones with a clear varnish after they are dry, so that the color is not washed away by the next rain.

To make sure the table does not get dirty when painting, we always put a sheet of paper under the stone, so that the paint can land on it if necessary. Depending on the motif, accents can be emphasized at the end with a permanent marker.

Our children always find painting stones fun. It is quickly organized and you get something out of it for a long time. You can also make the garden or the front door a nice and colourful place.